Here’s your next dose of Peanut - in case you had been hanging out for it.
We had.

Profile ofPeanut

That’s my baby’s face! How cute! Isn’t it gorgeous?

And here’s Peanut from the front. Fortunately we didn’t have to censor the “area” - and don’t ask… It’s a surprise!

Peanut - 20Weeks

Peanut looks completely healthy, and everything is the right size for 20 weeks. We’re so happy - it is a tremendous experience seeing your baby’s face before it’s born. And its brain. That’s weird. And the little heart had four chambers pumping blood back and forth.

The sonographer you get really makes a difference to how much you enjoy the experience. The last one we had was a complete dud, but today’s was brilliant - she really helped us get the most out of our time there, while at the same time being completely professional. Thank you!