The Christmas Playlist That Doesn’t Suck (2012)

Miniature Peppermint Candy Canes
Not your usual Christmas Candy

I've scoured Soundcloud (for literally hours) to find the best Christmas music I could find and my playlist is finally complete. It's chock full of Christmas favourites (and a few new ones) that are guaranteed to:
1) Bring Christmas cheer
2) Not suck1

30 tracks from the likes of Ivy Levan, Swing Republic, Pomplamoose, and Owen Pye. Who are these people you ask? Well, they're all great musicians and they each have a unique sound to bring to your Christmas celebrations. Including favourites like Away in a Manger, Carol of the Bells, and even the Theme from Home Alone.

Over an hour of music, all completely free (although Soundcloud lets you buy tracks if you so desire)!

2010 Playlist

  1. There might be one deliberately awful track. See if you can spot it. []

Princess Billie

About a year ago I began writing a story for my daughter Amelynne, using her toys as characters.

by Brittany Lowe

It took me about 3 months to write and 9 months to type it up, and I’ve finally got something to show for it. Right now it’s still a work in progress, as I need to read it through a few times with Amelynne and make sure she’s happy with it. I also need to add some illustrations.

HTML version
MOBI version for Kindle

I’d be interested to know what you think. Let me know if you notice
anything wrong too.

My daughter is a troll

Amelynne in a conversation with Mil.

Amelynne: (muttering something uninteligable) Does it Mama?
Camilla: Does what?
Amelynne: Mama.
Camilla: What does what?
Amelynne: Does it?
Camilla: Does what?
Amelynne: Mama.
Camilla: What does what do?
Amelynne: Does it mama?
Camilla: What does what do?
Amelynne: Yes!
Camilla: What?
Amelynne: Does it?
Camilla: Does what?
Amelynne: MAMA.

I think my daughter is a troll. Or a comedy prodigy.

Short Term Memory

Ashamed to say that I only recently learned about Victor Borge who from only a few YouTube clips I can tell was a genius - a brilliant musician and comedian. I found him watching old Muppet Show clips, and it's clear to me now that his style of comedy inspired a lot of the most well loved Muppet Show routines.

Victor Borge
What a guy

I'm sad that I'd never heard of him until I turned 30 (although I suspect my Dad may have told me some of his jokes). A man who was an entertainer for about 70 years and still doing shows until he died at 91.

It just goes to show that fame is fleeting. No matter how well known or popular you may be, your fame will be lost in the noise of the next generation. To think that one day our generation will forget that girl who yelled "Leave Britney alone!!"1. We'll forget even MJ, Gaga and Hannah Montanna.

I think the only way to truly be remembered is to be so famous that great works of art or literature are created about you. Take Julius Ceasar. His name is still well known thanks alone to the work of that fine English writer, Rene Goscinny2. Of course the only problem with this plan is you have to know which painters/writers/playwright are going to be good enough that their works are going to be held as an example of magnificent art for the next century or so.

  1. Wait, that was a guy?! []
  2. Asterix, you neanderthal. Look it up. []

A Christmas Playlist that Doesn’t Suck

Christmas by Joshua Nunn on Grooveshark

Embedded here are a bunch of Christmas favourites done by some of the best modern artists I could find1. No Boney M for my family this Christmas2! Let me know if there's anyone I've missed out! And no mum, Celine Dion doesn't count.

Oh, and here's a special playlist just for Paul.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

  1. And yes I know some of them haven't been "modern" for some time, but it's not John Denver at least. []
  2. who am I kidding - my sister loves them []

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