Space Flight 704, Chapter 1: Straight to the Hell Planet

Rex holstered his gun. It was unfortunate that he'd been forced to fire on his old friend, but to learn he'd been lured by Jones into a trap... Let's just say their friendship was over. He'd need to think fast though - even one shot from his Corral Specials was usually enough to draw the […]

Space Flight 704, Chapter 2: The Secrets of Manasar

He'd almost done it too. The first guards went down quickly before they'd realized there was someone firing a gun nearby. The next few were easy pickings in the confusion that followed. Rex might have done it, but as the last few guards rounded the corner his guns let him down. Normally he'd have had […]

Space Flight 704, Chapter 3: The Strength Within

Rex really didn't know this time. Usually when Rex Havoc was tortured for information he'd scoff at their attempts to draw out the location of the secret base or superweapon or princess. He'd laugh and say, "Each time you hit me it makes your death a little more certain." Rex didn't know what to say […]

Space Flight 704, Chapter 4: Trust Is Not a Destination

He'd have to thank The Professor. Every mission, it was usually The Professor's neat inventions that got him out of his predicaments. At least the minor predicaments anyway - he usually still had to disarm the bomb or kill the leader or steal the jewels. Not this time though. They had come on a mission […]

Space Flight 704, Chapter 5: The Exodus from Manasar

The explosion was deafening. Or would have been if he hadn't been ready for it with his hands over his ears. He'd found some explosives and a detonator in the weapons locker where he'd retrieved his guns, and it made a nice big hole he could use to get out of this catacomb. Racing to […]

Space Flight 704, Chapter 6: Escape from the Hell Planet

He wasn't sure he could do it this time. Normally at this point in the mission he'd succeeded in liberating the artifact or downloading the master plans. He would rocket out of the enemy base, engines blazing blue below. This time he was going it alone, barely escaping with his life, the mission in tatters […]

Space Flight 704, Chapter 7: The Ruins of Xarnash

The Professor was dead. He'd overturned the smoking ruins of his base to find his friend, the quickly cooling body faint on his bio-scans. Obviously he had not been complicit in Jones' treachery. The base and his friendship with The Professor were his final bastion of normalcy after his disastrous last mission, but even that […]

Space Flight 704, Chapter 8: The Xarnash Wilderness

His mind was blank. Normally Rex could conjure a plan from thin air. When circumstances were lowest, when he had no weapons, no contact to base, no chance of surviving, he would see with startling clarity what what to do next. This time when he paused, took a breath and exhaled - he had nothing. […]

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