The Life

I'm sitting under a lovely big tree in a park, watching my girl play on a slide with her Grandma nearby. I'm reading feeds on Reeder on my iPhone, and writing this in the WordPress app. I'm wishing this could be my profession. All this iPad chatter has me wishing I had money to squander, to iPad aforgive the pun out my digital lifestyle with all the trimmings and sit in a park and read and write, and never fix another jammed printer or reset another password, and just make giant run-on sentences that would make Zombie_Plan and Rubenerd proud.

I hear talk of mythical beings who enjoy their day jobs. But I'm an atheist, so I don't believe in fairy stories like that.

I do enjoy my life though. My baby girl is spinning on the play equipment now, and a breeze is touching my face and I am content.

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a. forgive the pun

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2 replies on “The Life”

  1. I have—at times—enjoyed my day job. There are people out there that do, although there will always be aspects of the job you enjoy more than others.

    I enjoyed actually being a front-end web developer, for the short time that lasted.

  2. I do enjoy my job most of the time. It's the days I get to sit in the shade and watch my daughter playing that I wish I could do it more often.

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