A Standing Challenge

About 6 months ago I read a Lifehacker article that advocated standing at your office desk to stay healthier. I thought it was a neat idea at the time but didn't try very hard to make it happen. Then Lifehacker again linked to an article in the NY Times about standing at work, and this time I decided to do something about it.

My New Desk
Introducing my standing desk

It's two different size filing cabinets which turn out to be exactly the right heights for my keyboard and monitors. It's surprisingly comfortable from about my shins up, but my feet are already killing aperhaps I need more WiiFit to improve my centre of gravity.

I find it difficult to fit much exercise into my day. Hopefully this might get me using even a little energy.

PS. Read that article. It's an eye opener, and a very quick read.

PPS. Hey Lifehackers Browse around and have a look if you like. I also run a small site about Google Wave called First Waves. If you're into your geekery, there's nothing more geeky than Google Wave...

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a. perhaps I need more WiiFit to improve my centre of gravity

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17 replies on “A Standing Challenge”

  1. argh I'm working in retail now and standing up for 9 hours a day....and oddly i've GAINED weight so I'm going back to my desk job!!

  2. Well my time in retail was the time in my life I was getting the most exercise and not blowing up to Michelin man size, so I'm trying to recreate it as best I can. While avoiding the soul crushing parts if possible.

  3. Well I find I take more frequent breaks and walks now, and I take opportunities when I go to help other people to sit at their desks. I also sit on the corner of my desk when people stop past to ask questions or chat, so I'm finding my back isn't QUITE as bad as it could be. Although I'm starting to get bored trying to explain it to people who keep asking if I did it BECAUSE I have a bad back...

  4. That being the case, I might look into eventually turning my home computer layout into a standing one...I dunno. I saw this mentioned on LifeHacker but I'm hesitant. As a gamer, I'm not sure how standing and gaming will affect my attention :P

  5. I hesitated for ages after the first article LH wrote, but that Times article was just too scary. I'm really not active enough normally to even pretend that I'm vaguely safe from that sort of health issue, so I had to at least try it and see. I'm not sure I'd recommend it for home though - the last thing I want to do when I get home is stand up :P

  6. True, but today for example I've spent the majority of it at my computer...I have typically 3 days off out of 7 so it might be suited to me, I dunno.

  7. I'm unaware of those types of desks? I'm looking at mine right now and its got a shelf up behind the monitor that is perfect height if i put the monitor up there and stand >_>

  8. My work in the court system requires me to stay seated until court is finished. This could be a 4-5 hour stint. I don't gain any weight but my back is stuffed, and I think my job may be 'in part' to blame. When I get home I collapse onto the couch before moving onto chores around the house. Maybe a standing desk at home may help me.... Might be time to do some woodwork.

  9. Sounds like a plan. I know I couldn't stand up at home though, in part because I'm stuffed when I get home, and in part... because I have a laptop and no desk to sit at...

    More power to you if you can build yourself a desk. Maybe you can make two and sell one to Zombie_Plan

  10. As soon as I get the platform finished for my desk, I'll be going to a standing desk, too. Surprisingly, I'm looking forward to it, mainly because my lower back is killing me.

    Love the Microsoft keyboard. One of the best keyboards I ever used, until my son spilled water on it. Never worked again.

  11. It's strange, most people ask if I'm doing it for my back. I'm not - I don't know if it's good for my back or not to be honest.

    This keyboard is awesome. I'm thinking of going wireless, and there's a model that's very similar. I was never certain about those keyboards that have huge monster curves, but this one is nice and gentle.

  12. I have a bad back. I can't stand for too long. I constantly switch positions when I have to sit. However, when I've sung in choirs, I've managed to get through a performance by propping one leg at a time on a stack of books about 6 inches high. My back is killing me at the moment, though because I'm back at work after a 2 hour shift, then a 2 hour break, and I have 3 hours to go. So between calls, I'm going to experiment with this. I already have the filing cabinets, and I'm extremely tired of my current computer set up.

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