I'm a nerdy guy from Adelaide in South Australia. I love good stories and future technologies. I enjoy sharing my passions with others, so I blog what I find interesting.

I'm married to Camilla, Amelynne is our beautiful oldest daughter, and Merrick and Evany are our baby twins. Mil is fantastically wonderful in every way and I love her totally to bits. She is supportive, thoughtful, caring, creative, a terrific mother and is very sexy to boot. I really can't express just how much of an amazing person she is, and how totally excellent it is to be married to her.

About The Geekorium

I've said I love to share my passions, and The Geekorium is where I can do that. The web is noisy, so I confine my yelling to this room of the house rather than make people listen to it. It's just a place where I can be me, write what I like, experiment with the latest technologies and share what I know with people who are interested.


Please Keep Off The Lawns.
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My Writing

Like anyone on the net I have opinions. I write them here. They don't reflect the opinions or position of my employer, my wife, or anyone else I know. If they offend you, then please let me know, but please don't presume I meant to - I'm human and make mistakes. Sometimes my opinions are wrong.

Your Comments

I encourage you to comment, and I believe the commenter should have ownership of the comment - meaning you should have the right to edit or delete your comments as you see fit, technology permitting. If you would like a comment of yours deleted, and it's not immediately possible for you to do so, please get in touch below and I'll happily oblige. Please be aware though, that if your comment is anonymous, or I cannot determine that you are the original commenter, that I reserve the right to use my discretion, and may not wish to delete it. For full ownership rights, your comment should not be made anonymously.

Additionally, I will not alter your comments in any way, unless an otherwise worthwhile comment contains a signature or sign off that is too verbose or plugs a product or site. In such a case I reserve the right to remove the signature without altering the text of the comment. I'll try to get in touch before I do this, but my above concerns about anonymity apply.

If I find a comment offensive or inappropriate, I will not edit the comment - I will simply delete it. However, I try to be open minded so unless it's particularly inappropriate or is spammy it's probably a technical glitch if your comment didn't appear. If you suspect something has gone wrong please write to me.


I will try to keep this site up in some form for a long time. If you don't want your words around for a long time, consider not writing here - it is the internet after all. Conversely, please don't assume that this will last forever. I can't guarantee that your comments here will last for all time. Maybe start your own site and link to my posts if you are worried about such things. WordPress.org is a good place to start.

This page

This page is not meant to be a legal document - I am just spelling out what might happen around here. Please ask a question if you'd like clarification about anything.

About my Passions

I use a Windows 7 laptop at home and everything I use is accessed through Google's Chrome browser. I use Google a lot for my online life (search, word processing) 'cause I buy into their vision. I love free software 'cause I've gone from being a poor student to working in education, and think that it's wonderful that people see the benefit of free tools for learning. I do pay for a couple of fantastic services that are simple, cheap and reliable though: Primarily Amazon S3.

I read Fantasy, SciFi and comics 'cause life is too short to read about every day stuff. I don't watch much television (except a few well made shows) 'cause it bores me - I prefer the net. I love super-hero movies and old sci-fi (Plan 9 anyone?) 'cause I like a spectacle as much as I like a laugh. I love anything bursting with silliness (The Muppets, Pixar, Dr Seuss, Monty Python, The Goodies etc.) 'cause growing up is hard and it takes the edge off.

I love the web 'cause it's full of people willing to share what they know and create. I drool over new technologies 'cause I can start to imagine what life might be like in the future. I appreciate being asked about technology, 'cause I can pay forward some of what I've taken from others.

About this site

This site is run using WordPress on VentraIP.

For what it's worth, I've placed most of what I write under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Australia License, which means you can take it or re-use it if you say where you got it and don't make money off it. I offer it because I believe that some things in life should be free, and my life (and this wonderful thing called the Internet) has been enriched by the good will and hard work of others.


I love analytics tools, because I really like seeing what pages people enjoy reading. But recently I've become more concerned about my own online privacy, so I've tried to look at the data I collect about my own visitors.

I've stripped back what data I collect from my visitors using the Piwik analytics tool. It's self-hosted software so no information is sent to a third-party and IP addresses are scrubbed of personally identifiable info. If you're not a fan of any analytics though, you can easily opt out of being analysed on any of my sites using the tool below:

Read The Geekorium's Privacy Policy.

Contact me!

You can get in touch via email at , on Twitter, Google+, and Reddit.

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