The ““Sandman” Night Nappies”: by Sustainable Hemp Products are a specially made cloth nappy for use at night. It contains a fitted outer layer in a variety of cute patterns, a double layered insert you can clip in and an optional booster for extra absorbency. Made from bamboo, they provide a soft, comforting and dry night’s sleep.

Designed to last without a change overnight, our daughter Amelynne has really put them through their paces. The longest we’ve had her in one has been 15 hours, and the nappy lasted the distance without soaking through the outer layer. We cover it with a Dancing Bears Bear Bottoms fleece cover that prevents leakage if it ever occurs (which it has a couple of times). All in all, we’ve been extremely satisfied with how long they last, and how soft they are for our girl.

One of the issues with any night nappy is that if your washing machine isn’t up to it, they can stink up a bit over time, but a quick rinse first thing in the morning keeps the smell from getting locked in, and the next night they smell just fine.

We chose the Sandman night nappy because they are made by a work at home mother who has always provided excellent customer service. They are excellent value for money, and come recommended by a number of mothers who use cloth. They also dry very quickly for a night nappy, as they can be pulled open and spread apart due to their clever design.

I would give them 4 1/2 stars for their low price, super absorbency and comfort, and the excellent customer service we’ve received from Sustainable Hemp Products. If you are looking for a reliable cloth night nappy, a “Sandman” nappy might be just what you need.1

  1. This post was originally written for Do I Keep It, a site about good products, now offline ↩︎