I’ve been working on a new design for The Geekorium. I’m constantly revising and trying to get it looking right, and I’ve previously made my own themes, but I’ve never been particularly happy with them. The problem with creating a design for yourself is it’s far easier to distil the essence of someone else into a few key elements based on what you perceive as their strong and sellable points, but far more difficult to do it to yourself. So the themes I’ve created have not really been “me”.

Well I’m trying again.

I’m happy about where this one is going. I’m still in the design stage, so it’s probably going to change a lot, but I’m proud of the work so far and I thought I’d share the direction I’m going with it and ask for some feedback. Normally my feedback process on my personal site design is to ask my wife, but I want to widen my base and get an idea from some of the people who read it. I realise I’m not giving you much to go on, but I’d love some off-the-top-of-your-head thoughts.

A sneaky peak

So what do you think?