Meet Neo

The very next day after our successful chick sky-drop, one of the eggs our broody hen had been diligently sitting on hatched too, bringing on chickpocalypse.


/ ˈtʃɪk pɒk ə lɪps /


A great and scary change brought about by the birth 
(or purchase) of too many young domestic fowl at one time

In the space of two days we’ve jumped from five to eight chickens, and while we have some time to plan for it, this means one of two things:

  1. We prepare to sell two or three chickens when they’re older
  2. We prepare to keep two or three chickens when they’re older and I build another coop that can house 8 or more chickens at once.

As I have three children, option 1 was discussed, but never once taken seriously by anyone involved in the discussions, and now I need to learn how to build things with wood.

Hard hard can it be?

Here are some chickens:

This is Iris with her two adopted chicks

Brown-butt is Peckycephalosaurus

And facing the camera is Violet