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I once did a post about the old-old Batman and Robin Serial and took some screen-caps from the episodes. One of them has proven quite popular around the internet and has been used by sits like Cracked awith added cheese for any post that needs a picture of Batman and Robin running.

I wondered why it was so popular, till I realised just how iconic that image is, even if I can't think of a particular example. So after some research, here's a compilation of images of Batman and Robin running from different media.

Batman (1966
Bam! Kapow!

First up is Adam West and Burt Ward running to the UN to save some diplomats from being powdered by their greatest foes. I think they'd gotten stuck in traffic?

I can't find any images from the original comics, but I'll keep my eye out for them and put them up as they come. The closest I could find was this vintage 1966 Japanese comic cover. This is the Adam West era as you can tell by the eyebrows on the cowl band by having seen quite a few 'shops in my time.

Japanese Picture Book
Vintage 1966 Japanese Picture Book

Despite the lack of direct comic book proof, I submit this retro t-shirt design, and you tell me if it doesn't trigger a memory of something in your brain. You know this is a classic image. If you've come to realise the iconic-ness of the image of the Dynamic Duo running, you can buy this t-shirt and wear it proudly.

Batman and Robin Running T-Shirt
Mil... Can I have some cash?

Or if that doesn't convince you that Batman and Robin hoofing it is one of pop-culture's most classic images, try this piece from the 2007 Singapore Design Festival. Once glance and you immediately get it don't you? Because it's classic.

Rescue Zone

Here they are running in Batman: The Animated Series.

Batman Animated Adventures

Followed by an awesome wallpaper by BobbyRubio on Deviantart.

Midnight Run by BobbyRubio
Out for a Midnight Run

The next is Batman and Nightwing, but as Nightwing started out as Robin cdon't even get me started, I figured it was an homage to the idea and therefore valid.

Batman Hush
Batman Hush

Which leads nicely into this one, which is the New Batman and Robin, who are Dick Grayson (the original Robin nee Nightwing) and Damian Wayne, Bruce Wayne's son dI said, don't get me started.... So the image comes full circle to the next generation.

Batman and Robin 19
Batman The Next Generation

And for gamers, Batman and Robin in the best Batman video game adaptation of all time.

Lego Batman
Arkham Who?

Finally, I leave you with Batman and Robin from the end of Batman Forever movie from 1995.

Batman Forever Ending Scene
This movie is now only remembered as not being as bad as the next one

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a. with added cheese
b. and by having seen quite a few 'shops in my time
c. don't even get me started
d. I said, don't get me started...
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