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Soar to Freedom I - Peace, originally uploaded by Melete.

As a general rule, I don’t discuss dreams. Yes, it might have been exciting. No, I don’t think it would make a good plot for the next Star Trek movie. Your dreams mostly star Amanda Tapping for one thing.

So normally I wont tell you the boring details of my dreams, for fear of having you reciprocate. But last night I had my third lucid dreaming experience and it was very fun.

Lucid dreaming is when you are able to recognise when you are dreaming and can take control of that dream in some way1. They say that to lucid dream, you have to recognise you’re in a dream somehow.

Well last night, as I raced my office chair down a hill, I hit a bump that launched me high into the air. As I fell, I recognised that I’d been in situations like this before and I usually wake up very soon. This time, instead of crashing - I flew. Like Nathan Petrelli from Heroes. And I could fly wherever I liked.

I woke up then - stupid dead arm - so I never got much further than that, buy boy was it fun while it lasted. I woke up grinning!

I don’t think I can strictly call it lucid dreaming yet - as I only ever fly, and I always wake up very soon after I start. But before those seconds are up, the feeling of freedom and control is amazing. Now I’m off to re-read how to lucid dream. Are you gonna join me? Or have you already done it yourself?

  1. Although sometimes I wonder if I’m just dreaming that I know that I’m dreaming…