Today is the day.

Months ago I started wishing I had a bigger monitor for my Mac. I use dual monitors at work and I cannot deny how much easier it makes my life. I thought ideally I’d love a 24 inch monitor (such as a DELL - Apple’s monitors are expensive) so I started checking out prices. Of course, I cannot justify such an expense.

I begged Mil anyway, but she wouldn’t have a bar of it.

Well we just made a deal. I’ve needed some incentive to lose some weight, so Mil agreed that I could buy my fancy 24” monitor if I lost some weight (I spend way to much time on my arse).

So today is not the day I buy my monitor. Oh no. Today is the day I begin. Losing weight. Changing my lifestyle, cutting down on bad foods, and exercising regularly (rather than never).

To prepare for the challenge, I started researching my ideal weight and checking online resources for an idea of what to aim for. I’ve never been happy with my weight, so I’ve tried to find a size and weight that I might be satisfied with. In doing the research I discovered something pretty scary that I probably could have guessed but hadn’t wanted to know. I’m obese. Maybe people who know me could have said that, but I always thought I was just overweight, not obese. So that was a shock. Anyway the challenge details:

My height: 177.5cm (5’10”)

My Current weight: 106.8kg (235.45lbs)
making my BMI: 33.9 - Obese
According to most sites I found, my ideal BMI is 25. That would make my weight 70kg. I don’t know how doable that is, but I’m aiming a smidgen higher.

So, the goal is 80kg (I need to lose 26.8 kg) by 31st July 2008 - one year from my 27th birthday. That’s only 2.23kg loss per month (5lb) which I understand is very doable. It’ll make my BMI 25.4, which is just fine by me. Mil’s gonna back me all the way.

I’m including some nasty photos of me as of today to incentivise me to keep trying, ‘cause it sure as hell won’t be my love of exercise. If you are reading this, whether you know me or not, please leave a note of encouragement for me.

before full body

This is me as of today.

before portrait

This is a close up.

Wish me luck!