While I was changing my Twitter picture I noticed that the service suggests that to be more personable and connect better I should use a picture of myself, rather than a random image as an avatar. Currently I use an avatar I created about two years ago that also doubles as my logo for business materials. I crafted it specially to capture something about me while still being abstract enough to hide my physical flaws. It was never about hiding behind a picture, I thought it was a nice way to promote myself consistently.

My avatar and

My logo and avatar for the last two years: E01

So tonight I thought I’d show you just how well my logo captures me, and stop hiding myself from all my new internet friends (I’m looking at you Twitter-buddies). This is me:

the real

This is me… I don’t usually have a
plain white tile as my background.

Now just so you can do a face to face (so to speak) comparison, I’ve handily laid them both out together for you.

avatar vs

When people stop and smile and stare…

AND just in the interests of full disclosure, so you understand that I really do not wish to hide anything from you my loyal reader, I present a (by no means comprehensive) guide to “How my real face differs to that of my Avatar”, to whit:


Spot the differences

So there you have it. My simple guide to what I actually look like. I hope this makes us closer. Now you can be my bestest friends!

How well do your Avatars capture you? Show off your avatar in the comments below!

P.S. Why not check out another post I’m proud of that features illustrations of me? Hair passes forward, screams pass backward.