Should I Buy a Mac?

A teacher is after a new laptop, and asked if they should "just buy a Mac".

A few years ago the answer would have been "absolutely". Not because I was a Mac fan-boy (I was) but because compared to XP or even Vista, the Apple operating system and overall computer experience was just much better. Nowadays my answer is not so clear cut. I told him that of course "it depends". What's changed?


Some Things My iPhone Needs


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The iPhone is awesome. Lets just get that out there. You can deny it, or call me a fanboy, but let's be honest - Apple has made a very good (and attractive) product that has stomped on the competition. It's easy to use, powerful and extensible. And it's done something the competition hasn't been able to - captured the imagination of content providers like nothing else. The Windows Mobile platform has been around for years with a handfull of tools for it, but it took only six months for half the web (I'm exaggerating aprobably) to make iPhone compatible websites and tools. I've got to believe that's due to having a decent platform, rather than rampant fanboyism.

But the iPhone isn't perfect bduh. What follows is a list of a few things I would like to see for and on my iPhone. Before I start, can I just clarify so I don't get interrupted in my flow: Anything I ask for I'd like as a native iPhone app, through the App Store - not some Jailbroken app that's going to require me to tinker.


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a. probably
b. duh

Why you want a Mac

This post was my response to a question asked by Ronnie Swafford on Newsvine: Why was he, a Windows Programmer with no obvious need for a Mac so drawn to get an Apple computer?

I answered (and am yet to see if he responds), but noticed what a huge comment I'd written and thought it could be a blog entry in itself. So here is why you want a Mac.

You want a Mac because Apple seems to have a philosophy that says, "do what must be done to make this a positive, well rounded experience".

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