The Life

I'm sitting under a lovely big tree in a park, watching my girl play on a slide with her Grandma nearby. I'm reading feeds on Reeder on my iPhone, and writing this in the WordPress app. I'm wishing this could be my profession. All this iPad chatter has me wishing I had money to squander, to iPad aforgive the pun out my digital lifestyle with all the trimmings and sit in a park and read and write, and never fix another jammed printer or reset another password, and just make giant run-on sentences that would make Zombie_Plan and Rubenerd proud.

I hear talk of mythical beings who enjoy their day jobs. But I'm an atheist, so I don't believe in fairy stories like that.

I do enjoy my life though. My baby girl is spinning on the play equipment now, and a breeze is touching my face and I am content.

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a. forgive the pun

Hoping for Feedback, So Far Getting Static

Wooly hat
This photo is not relevant to the rest of this post.
Cute though huh?

One of the biggest problems I face when I contribute anywhere on the internet is feedback. Often there just isn't any.

Whether it's Twitter, this website, First Waves, Reader, Buzz, Fizz, Flickr, Facebook, Shittr, whatever, I just don't get much feedback at all.

It's partly because I'm a self obsessed narcissist aand isn't everyone with a website a self obsessed narcissist? that this bothers me so, but mostly because I just want to know what I can do better. What I'd like to know is if people find the things I share or write about are interesting, well written, useful, or pertinent so I can adjust my focus accordingly.

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a. and isn't everyone with a website a self obsessed narcissist?

My Wife – a _______ Story

As I hit publish on my last silly post, I realised I could use the same template for a number of things. Namely:

My wife is _______. She _____________ _______. When I _______ and it dawned on me ________, I wanted to marry her all over again.


My wife is amazing. She carried and gave birth to my daughter Amelynne. When I first saw my little girl and it dawned on me that I now have my own clone, I wanted to marry her all over again.

See how that works?

My Wife – a Love Story.

My wife is magical. She made me home-toasted muesli yesterday. When I ate breakfast this morning and it dawned on me that I have maple syrup in my breakfast cereal, I wanted to marry her all over again.

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