Comixology: Comparing Digital Comic Readers

David Hawkins at What Culture! asks Can Marvel Digital Comics Conquer The Comic Readers of the World?

The Marvel Comics apps for Chrome, iOS and PSP let you read a large swath of the Marvel back-catalogue online or on your Apple/Sony devices. You can subscribe for $60US a year, and read a lot of classic Marvel comics, as well as a selection of the new stuff.

"You wouldn't like me on a tiny screen"

David has been collecting printed comics for 20 years, and says he was spending hundreds of dollars on comics in a month before trying out the Marvel Digital route.

I too have been going digital, but I've been coming at it from a different direction. As an Android user, I discovered the Comixoligy comic store before I discovered the Marvel store. For the uninitiated, the Comixology store offers comics from a range of publishers (*except* Marvel) on iOS devices and Android, as well as through your browser. For the first time in my life, I've been enjoying comics the way I imagine most of my comic-loving peers used to when they were younger.


Checking out FancyZoom by Cabel Sasser

Oddly named Cabel's Blog LOL has a fancy-pants (a technical term apparently) javascripty image zooming tool called FancyZoom. I've installed it for this post, but if it ain't working go here. It's very simple to set up, and once it's done, if you link to an image (via thumbnail or text link) the image will pop out of the page when visitors click it.
It's pretty.

FancyZoom [Cabel's Blog LOL]

Update: 2008-06-29

I've turned of the fancyzoom javascript. It was huge, and was partially to blame for my sites slow performance for the last little while. turning it off was a quick fix.

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