Quick plugin plug asee what I did there?

A bunch of favicons
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Favicons are those little icons that websites display in the address bar (or in the open tab in Chrome). They're usually about 16 pixels square (which is tiny) but it adds a bit of professionalism to your site, and lets people figure out which site is yours if they have dozens of tabs open. You can get plugins for photoshop that will let you save files as ".ico" files so you can create a favicon.ico file. Then you can upload your file to your website and link to it and... well it's easy, but kind of annoying to get right.

Enter Shockingly Simple Favicon:

Shockingly Simple Favicon
A simple way to put a favicon on your site.matias s

Install and activate and follow the instructions on the configuration page. The page includes better information than I've provided here, and a whole bunch of ideas for creating your own favicon.

Go to it!

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a. see what I did there?

Google!! Get it together!

The decisions Google makes don't normally annoy me, except in small geeky ways that most people would pfft at, and you may well pfft at me now but they are seriously annoying me now.

The Google Master Plan http://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/ / CC BY 2.0

On one hand we have the recent integration of Buzz into Gmail and Google Reader. The upshot being:

  1. You cannot disable Buzz without disabling your carefully tended Google Profile.
  2. Because you cannot disable Buzz, you end up slowly accruing followers - you could ignore them, but you start to look like an ass.
  3. So you follow back and this breaks Google Reader.
  4. So the choice is between using Google Reader OR Google Buzz to read content from others. Google Buzz is so tightly integrated with Google Reader that I can only choose one or the other. There is no way I can see to effectively and simply use both at the same time.


Am I a Sellout?

When I started the Geekorium (back then, just "nunnone"), I decided to do it without ads. It was a protest against the appalling punch-the-monkey type ads that were most common at the time, and something I felt proud of. My website was not made to "generate revenue", it was a place to be me and as such I was happy to pay for it out of my own pocket. It's sort of my only expensive hobby that Mil looks away for.

Then a year ago I briefly dabbled with putting ads on my site, then in my feeds. I never generated any money from them, and they cluttered up my site so I killed them, and I'm still happily ad free here.

Vintage Ads
Ad Free? Not any more!
Image By D'oh Boy (Mark Holloway)

But I kinda feel the pressure to have ads on my First Waves site, so I've done it. I feel kind of dirty, but as someone who wants to make money off of this thing called the internet, I feel it's my duty to understand how the advertising world works. If only so one day if someone asks me to help them set it up I can do so without looking like a goob.

Where my parenting meets the "Cleanfeed"

I love technology. The thrill of new possibilities. The excitement of learning. There's nothing that beats it.

Actually, that's a complete lie. There is something that beats it. Beats it hands down. Without question.

I love my baby girl. The thrill of her potential. The excitement of seeing her learn. By gum it's the greatest feeling I've ever experienced, to watch her discover her world.

Hacking the interwebz
Hax0r the interw3bz

I'm totally looking forward to teaching her everything I can about the earth. The people on it, the cultures, the life, the bizarre phenomena we just can't explain yet. I know she'll be just as fascinated as I am. And I'm hoping that she turns out to be a geek like her Dad.


Review: Taskee – Manage your website 'to-dos'

A month and a half ago I was contacted by a Martin Vrabel, who sent me this:

email from Martin Vrabel of Taskee.comHi Joshua,

I found out you are writing about webdesign on your blog. I though you may be interested in writing about the new URL related task management tool for web designers - Taskee.

Taskee is a hosted website task management tool for small and medium size webdesign companies. Taskee simplifies website task management communication process and makes it easier and cheaper to collaborate during website testing process.

You can find more info and demo at www.taskee.com

Sorry for this email if its not worth your attention or was interrupting you.

Kind Regards,

Martin Vrabel

This was my first ever request for comment about any product, so I dutifully starred it in Gmail and promised myself I'd look at it when I could. Well, the wait is over. I thought I'd set it up today and give it a go. This post is part review, but mostly feedback at the moment as the product is only at version 0.3 and not ready for prime time.


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