A New Vocabulary

Online communication fraught with peril. An innocent conversation with a friend can turn nasty in seconds with the slip of misplaced word. Umpteen times this week I have put my foot in my mouth, or written something only to spend the rest of the day worrying if what I wrote might have offended someone. Written communication has never been so difficult. Why has it gotten harder, the more ways we have to communicate?

Words 'o the Day
Words 'o the Day by jblyberg


Welcome to My First Post

This is it. I'm online. I have a web presence. Yay.
It's two days after Christmas. I've wanted to get online for a while, being an IT guy but I've kept not doing it. I suppose I've thought I'm not interesting enough, and I may not be, but now I don't care anymore. So I'm here now. So I've spent about 5 hours getting my website setup, installing and uninstalling different options (as given to me by my provider).


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