Space Flight 704, Chapter 67: Torim Tragedy

Eventually they gave up.

The experiments failed while the fear in those above grew.

All the while Rex could feel the power of the Ortrix increase although he could not locate it. It was not quite the same power as those below possessed.

And tension grew. And hatred grew. And Rex's heart felt heavy with more grief than he thought he could handle.

Space Flight 704, Chapter 56: The Changes of Time

The time-belt was the Ortrix again.

And now the time-belt.

It wouldn't stay each way for long. While tracing it backward and forward through time, he'd seen it forged into time-belts and reverted back to something like the Ortrix so many times he wasn't sure which was the original any more.

Occasionally it had been sent back in time to collect itself with varying levels of success. He held his out-of-body breath as he followed it through the short time Jones had it.

He also wondered about the sneaky joy-ride The Professor had taken it on once.

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