Some Neat WordPress Plugins

Previously I wrote about some plugins I love for making writing posts easier. This is a list of the little plugins I love that just do cool things around the place. They're all useful, and most are ones I use on both sites I maintain. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live Without

There are a number of WordPress plugins I use to do various bits and bobs around the Geekorium. The Skribit tab and the Blogroll at the side are both produced with plugins for example. But there are some plugins that you never really "see" as such - they do their work silently behind the scenes, and most of them are primarily there to make my life easier. If you run a WordPress site, you might be interested too. These are the plugins I have both here and on First Waves because they're just so damn useful. Below is an introduction to each, and my explaination for why I use them:

After The Deadline
Adds a contextual spell, style, and grammar checker to WordPress. Write better and spend less time editing. Raphael Mudge
This plugin adds options to your profile page to check for grammar and spelling errors. Chrome usually picks up most spelling errors anyway, but this is great for picking up my awful grammatical errors. I use a lot of Passive Voice for example, and this highlights it.


Thank You Plugin Creators!

Matt Mullenweg has declared today "Thank a Plugin Developer Day" to celebrate WordPress passing the 4000 plugin mark. Often Plugins are created for free and have tonnes of hard work put into them for little or no reward. I currently have 22 plugins active on my website at the moment handling a variety of functions, but haven't got much time to go into all the details of who made them and to thank them individually.

Instead, I'll thank one man who made two of the plugins I use: Joe Tan. I use his excellent Flickr Photo Album for WordPress plugin on two sites and I love it. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress and allows me to pull in my Flickr photos into posts and create galleries from sets. This plugin along with a Pro Flickr account have turned my crummy blog into a much more wonderful thing. I use it to keep all my relatives up-to-date with Amelynne's progress as well. Joe also maintains an terrific plugin to pull files of an Amazon S3 account.

So thank you Joe! Your work and effort are greatly appreciated.

I told Joe that I'd send a donation, but found no way to do it on his site. When I do, I will!

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