Batman’s Weakness

Most of the Justice League have one weakness that stops them dead in their tracks. I thought Batman was immune. Turns out he does have one weakness though - and it took an evil duplicate to find it... Batman can't handle a nipple cripple.

Batman's Weakness
Cover of Justice League of America #13 - Riddle of the Robot Justice League!

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Batman as you’ve never seen him.

I want to share one of my favourite things with you. Superheroes. Actually I want to share a few of my favourite things - Superheroes, old crappy movies, and animated GIFs of people doing amusing things.

Check this out:

The Dynamic Duo
Check the pointy ears

Yes, that is supposed to be Batman. Nice eh?

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And speaking of great movies

I saw Kung-Fu Hussle on the weekend. It was tops.

It was a lot of good fun. Don't see it expecting your life to be changed, see it to laugh. See it to watch groups of people fighting in totally improbable ways. Watch it to pick out the references to other movies. I think the eastern superhero is growing on me.

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