Make Tiny Tiny RSS Look and Behave Like Google Reader

Since Google announced they were closing Google Reader down in June, people have been scrambling to find something to use in it's place. I'm not sure what the rush is, but I was caught up in it too. My replacement of choice is Tiny Tiny RSS because it's self hosted, meaning I don't have to rely on any third party for such an important task any more.

This article is not about how to set up TTRSS. That's been covered by the official Wiki and Forums. This article is about how to make TTRSS behave somewhat more like Google Reader, so you can jump right back in to reading feeds and not have to learn something new.


Skribit – Piss off Formspring, Skribit was here first


There's this new craze on Twitter aI say new but it's been going a couple' months now to get people to ask you questions anonymously and answer them on Twitter or your website. It uses this little site (run by called to solicit questions, and people derive some amusement from it.


The day I heard about it, I thought immedaitely of which I had only JUST installed on my site a week earlier and does exactly what does only prettier, usefull-er and integrated-into-your-site-ier which for me are all important things.


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a. I say new but it's been going a couple' months now

Another Blog? Really?

This was my first thought when Al said he'd created an EduBlogs blog for me. I already blog infrequently on two of my own blogs, and it seems every website that ever tried to be 'two point oh' offers a free blog. I have an unused blogger account, a wordpress blog that I had to sign up for to use Akismet (an antispam plugin), and if I'd ever been suckered in to using MySpace, Facebook, or any other social site I'd be drowning in the guilt of too many unused blogs.

But I'm not going to feel guilty about this one. I recently made a vow to myself to do something creative daily, and one of the options I gave myself was to blog. Maybe it wont be here, but I should be blogging more regularly. About the same time, Al and a couple of other bloggers he linked to have been inspiring me to have a bit of a say about education. I hesitated because my perspective is not unique - there are hundreds of other IT people in the South Australian education system. I also hesitated because I fear that there is not much I can say that hasn't been said already by people who can write betterer.


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