My Small Issue With the Windows Live Sync Beta

Had a strange problem using the new Microsoft Windows Live Sync Beta. It's working fine on one of my computers, but on the other one, it drops a letter when I set up a folder to sync.

See what I mean?

For example, if I want to sync a folder like D:\My Videos, the program accepts the folder I want as D:\y Videos and then creates this new folder for syncing. Or it might sync D:\Archives as D:\rchives. On my other computer - no issues.

Investigating a bit, I discovered it doesn't happen on my other drives (C:, F:). My D drive is different, in that I've moved the location of my My Documents folder to D. In a quick test, I discovered that moving it again to a subfolder of D removes the issue. It's not a permanent solution however, as a) I like having my documents folder in the root of my secondary drive, and b) I would have to move 220Gb of data to an external drive and back again as you can't move the location to a subfolder of the current location.

So I've sent feedback to Microsoft using the inbuilt "report a problem" menu in the beta. I did it in two parts though, so this post is my way of putting it all in one place, and on the off chance that someone is having a similar issue, they might get some comfort knowing that it's not their fault (well it is, but only ever so slightly).

Some Neat WordPress Plugins

Previously I wrote about some plugins I love for making writing posts easier. This is a list of the little plugins I love that just do cool things around the place. They're all useful, and most are ones I use on both sites I maintain. I would highly recommend them to anyone.


Should I Buy a Mac?

A teacher is after a new laptop, and asked if they should "just buy a Mac".

A few years ago the answer would have been "absolutely". Not because I was a Mac fan-boy (I was) but because compared to XP or even Vista, the Apple operating system and overall computer experience was just much better. Nowadays my answer is not so clear cut. I told him that of course "it depends". What's changed?


Tech for Newbies!

I'm gonna try to get a new series going here on the Geekorium where I answer some of the questions I get asked in my job. I get asked for advice every day, and it's often more interesting than the sorts of things I actually do to get paid. Ages ago I toyed with the idea of making a site where I would break down technical concepts for the less technically minded, but wasn't sure it would have an audience. The advice I get asked for though already has an audience - the people that asked in the first place. So when I get asked a question I think warrants some fleshing out I'll put it under the new category Tech for Newbies.

omg n00b!
// / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Keep in mind if you're technically minded, that the people I give this advice to aren't. My answers are simplified and often lacking some of the stuff us geeks find very important. Feel free to point this stuff out in the comments, but try not to be too harsh on my for leaving it out! Also sometimes I don't actually have an answer - it doesn't mean I won't try to put them on the right track.

And if you're not a geek maybe I can help you out. Leave a suggestion (there's a suggestion tab just over there to the right) if you have a question you think I could answer. Make sure to read what the geeks have to add though!

The first topic I'm tackling is the age old dilemma - Should I Buy a Mac?

Google!! Get it together!

The decisions Google makes don't normally annoy me, except in small geeky ways that most people would pfft at, and you may well pfft at me now but they are seriously annoying me now.

The Google Master Plan / CC BY 2.0

On one hand we have the recent integration of Buzz into Gmail and Google Reader. The upshot being:

  1. You cannot disable Buzz without disabling your carefully tended Google Profile.
  2. Because you cannot disable Buzz, you end up slowly accruing followers - you could ignore them, but you start to look like an ass.
  3. So you follow back and this breaks Google Reader.
  4. So the choice is between using Google Reader OR Google Buzz to read content from others. Google Buzz is so tightly integrated with Google Reader that I can only choose one or the other. There is no way I can see to effectively and simply use both at the same time.


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