Space Flight 704, Chapter 71: The Sum of the Whole

He sensed the other watching him.

"This is you, isn't it?" he asked, holding the Ortrix up.

"In a manner of speaking," replied the other in a way that sounded melancholy, even though it lacked tone.

"All the Torim below created this? Became this before they died?" asked Rex.

"Instead of dying," the other corrected, "and not just the Torim below."

"Although the other Torim lived, what little power they possessed was a power they all shared"

"And now it's all in the Ortrix?"

Space Flight 704, Chapter 62: Explanations and Truths

All Torim were born with great power

But those below hummed with it, exuded it like a bright light from their being.

It may have been an evolutionary trait, or simply that these were the Torim that embraced the power, revelled in it.

The power was similar to that which you posses. It understood all things it touched, and embraced all it understood.

Those who possessed it strongly would not fight when the others cast them down.

"And here they wait".

Space Flight 704, Chapter 61: Origins of the Torimbalo

"I sense disharmony."

This is not a world at peace.

Rex let his awareness expand, encompassing the planet.

He sensed a rift between two peoples. He couldn't really see much of a difference, at least not at the deepest levels he could feel them. Pulling back, trying to focus on the conflict, he could see one group were more fearful of the other.

Geographically, the group the others most feared were separated and underground. He sensed a familiar power concentrated there.

"These people call themselves the Torim," Rex said, realisation dawning, "and those underground... They are the Torim below."

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