WordPress Plugins I Can’t Live Without

There are a number of WordPress plugins I use to do various bits and bobs around the Geekorium. The Skribit tab and the Blogroll at the side are both produced with plugins for example. But there are some plugins that you never really "see" as such - they do their work silently behind the scenes, and most of them are primarily there to make my life easier. If you run a WordPress site, you might be interested too. These are the plugins I have both here and on First Waves because they're just so damn useful. Below is an introduction to each, and my explaination for why I use them:

After The Deadline
Adds a contextual spell, style, and grammar checker to WordPress. Write better and spend less time editing. Raphael Mudge
This plugin adds options to your profile page to check for grammar and spelling errors. Chrome usually picks up most spelling errors anyway, but this is great for picking up my awful grammatical errors. I use a lot of Passive Voice for example, and this highlights it.


"Web Guys"vs "Real Programmers"

Michael J. Braude wrote a post on why he'll never be a "web guy". The gist being, the annoyances of writing for the web are not the sort of challenges he wants to tackle as a programmer.

Then Jeff Atwood gave his two cents on why programming for the web is where it's at — it's fast, it gets seen by more people, and more and more great apps are being made on the web.

I'm sure Michael has a point. I think the way he said it got up Jeff's nose a little (it certainly got up mine), but it's valid. For some, the web just seems simple and trite. My lecturer thinks like this I suspect. I also agree with Jeff that it's somewhat myopic — if you dismiss web apps, you dismiss a lot of clever, well written programs right out of the gate.


Review: Taskee – Manage your website 'to-dos'

A month and a half ago I was contacted by a Martin Vrabel, who sent me this:

email from Martin Vrabel of Taskee.comHi Joshua,

I found out you are writing about webdesign on your blog. I though you may be interested in writing about the new URL related task management tool for web designers - Taskee.

Taskee is a hosted website task management tool for small and medium size webdesign companies. Taskee simplifies website task management communication process and makes it easier and cheaper to collaborate during website testing process.

You can find more info and demo at www.taskee.com

Sorry for this email if its not worth your attention or was interrupting you.

Kind Regards,

Martin Vrabel

This was my first ever request for comment about any product, so I dutifully starred it in Gmail and promised myself I'd look at it when I could. Well, the wait is over. I thought I'd set it up today and give it a go. This post is part review, but mostly feedback at the moment as the product is only at version 0.3 and not ready for prime time.


Yellow Dog Cam

Al's class of miniLegends got me this wonderful gift on Monday to say thank you for fixing and running the school's computers (it was SSO week).

Little yellow dog is watching me
Little yellow dog is watching me


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