It's relevant. I Swear.
`Wanker Grabber` by chipandandy

I have that “Suggestions” button up there on the right because I’m hoping that people might make my never ending search for interesting stuff to write about easier. Before today my only suggestion has been (literally) “….”, which I’m not sure what to do with. I thought it a stretch to drag a post out of an ellipsis and a period.

Then today I got GOLD.

“mate your a wanker”

Not a suggestion as such. It’s entirely possible that the chap1 misread the tab to read “Statements”, and just decided to put his 2 cents in.

I do have a comment area under each post so if it’s a particular thing I’ve said, you could leave a specific comment. Failing that, you could contact me directly and say hello. Perhaps after a chat you might come to realise that I’m not such a bad guy.

I can infer a couple of things about my eloquent visitor:

He spent 10 seconds on my site. Just long enough to write “mate your a wanker”, and pretty much nothing else as far as I can tell. I can’t see exactly how he found my site, which suggests he either bookmarked it to come back later to insult me specifically, or he came from a secure site such as Facebook or his email. What he’s doing seeing my site in his email I have no idea.

He’s from Manly, NSW but I’ve never been so don’t know what that says about him. I’ll steer clear of geographical stereotypes in this post :P. He gets a small pass from me for using Google Chrome (the browser of the gods), but he’s using Vista so he is a little backward. And if he ever comes back I’d like to know if his Vodafone plan is any good…

So that’s the post you get for your “suggestion”. I hope it satisfies. Anyone else who has an ACTUAL suggestion is very welcome to write something up there, and I’ll treat you with a lot more respect than I’ve treated this one.

Isn’t spam fun?

  1. I presume its a fella ↩︎