after my most recent rex havoc story arc and 50th chapter garnered exactly 2 readers, i’ve decided that the “return” of rex havoc shall become the “retirement” of the illustrious hero. i’ve put a lot of work into the story, and to receive such a lacklustre response is more than disheartening.

i was writing space flight 704 not because i wanted to, but because it was the sort of story i thought other people might like to read. that’s clearly not the case. from this moment, i refuse to write what is popular and choose to concentrate on what will make me happy.

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Leylanilu and Mr Ruffles

i’m going to write a story about a were-bear and a faerie princess. specifically, an erotic fiction about the love between a were-bear and his faerie princess dom. i’ve been plotting this out in my head for months, and i’ve really gotten into their relationship and i think it will make me much happier than rex havoc ever could. the only thing holding me back from putting pen to paper was the fear of what others might think.

but i’m not afraid any more! i’m no longer ashamed to admit that i want to read and write stories about bear-men and faeries having relations.

those of you who follow the rex havoc facebook and google+ pages might want to unsubscribe before i change the names. you probably don’t want to be seen ‘liking’ bear/faerie erotica.

thank you all for your understanding.