Space Flight 704, Chapter 63: Re-evaluated Perspective

"So what happens next?"

"The Torim below created the Ortrix. If they didn't make it as a weapon, then for what?"

The Other had materialised, and Rex searched his face for a clue. Instead, he was shocked to see his companion crying.

For a moment, Rex was speechless.

"I... I thought you were a god. But gods don't cry."

Space Flight 704, Chapter 62: Explanations and Truths

All Torim were born with great power

But those below hummed with it, exuded it like a bright light from their being.

It may have been an evolutionary trait, or simply that these were the Torim that embraced the power, revelled in it.

The power was similar to that which you posses. It understood all things it touched, and embraced all it understood.

Those who possessed it strongly would not fight when the others cast them down.

"And here they wait".

Space Flight 704, Chapter 61: Origins of the Torimbalo

"I sense disharmony."

This is not a world at peace.

Rex let his awareness expand, encompassing the planet.

He sensed a rift between two peoples. He couldn't really see much of a difference, at least not at the deepest levels he could feel them. Pulling back, trying to focus on the conflict, he could see one group were more fearful of the other.

Geographically, the group the others most feared were separated and underground. He sensed a familiar power concentrated there.

"These people call themselves the Torim," Rex said, realisation dawning, "and those underground... They are the Torim below."

Space Flight 704, Chapter 60: Intended Purpose

"How many times have I died?"

"And why is it, that with time and space bending to my will, I still keep forgetting stuff like this?"

The power of the Torimbalo is not meant to be used by consciousnesses such as yours. The effects can be unpredictable.

"So who is the Torimbalo for then?" Rex asked as he wandered around the base of the enormous stone hut.

It is not a tool for anyone's use. The power was corrupted and shaped into the Ortrix.

"Maybe I can stop that happening," Rex replied.

If only.

Space Flight 704, Chapter 59: Familiar Places

"I'm sure I've been here before."

Rex tried to get a feel for the world around him. Beyond local features and the brief glimpse he'd had from passing through earlier, he felt like this planet was significant to him for some reason.

"There were more buildings," he hesitated.

"I was running, chasing, something."

"Did I...?"

He paused, puzzled.

"This is where I died!"

Space Flight 704, Chapter 58: Familiar Spaces

"I recognise this world."

"We came past here a little while ago, I think - but we were moving so fast I wasn't paying attention."

Rex was solid again and standing next to an enormous featureless skyscraper.

"The Ortrix will be here again some time in the future."

He put his hand on the stonework of the building.

"These stones are enormous!"

Stepping back, he wandered away from the buildings to get a better look at it's entirety.

"That's no skyscraper," he gasped, "that's a stone hut!"

Space Flight 704, Chapter 57: Plans in Time

The Other travelled with him.

What will you do with it when you have followed the Ortrix to it's source?

Rex pondered.

"I suppose I'll see if it can be destroyed, or use it in some way to take Jones' power away from him again. If I can't do that, maybe I can stop it being made in the first place."

A sound plan, his companion replied, although perhaps more difficult than you expect.

"No doubt. But if there's one thing I've learned since I died, it's that nothing worthwhile is easy."

The pair sped on into the past.

Space Flight 704, Chapter 56: The Changes of Time

The time-belt was the Ortrix again.

And now the time-belt.

It wouldn't stay each way for long. While tracing it backward and forward through time, he'd seen it forged into time-belts and reverted back to something like the Ortrix so many times he wasn't sure which was the original any more.

Occasionally it had been sent back in time to collect itself with varying levels of success. He held his out-of-body breath as he followed it through the short time Jones had it.

He also wondered about the sneaky joy-ride The Professor had taken it on once.

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Not so long ago, there was a much wider gap between the various methods for acknowledging online content. At one end, you had the option of reading something and then doing absolutely nothing. On the other, you had things like leaving a comment, emailing the post to a friend, or writing a blog post in response to another you read elsewhere.

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The habit of "liking" things on the internet would be difficult to break. But it inspires me a little because it gels with an upcoming experiment I have planned for The Geekorium.

To "like" (or +1) something is the lowest form of interaction you can have with someone's post, and it saves you from having to put actual thought into your response. I think I'd rather have "likes" on my posts than nothing at all, but I'd certainly appreciate some thoughtful comments more.

Len points out that the "like" button is one-size-fits-all. There's no way to say "I appreciate you posting this, even if I disagree with the content". There's no difference between liking your favourite noodle bar and liking news of your friends newborn son. And with the rise of sponsored posts on Facebook, your "like" on the noodle bar page now puts ads for that noodle bar front and centre above more important things like births, deaths, and marriages of the people I actually care about.

I expect this behaviour is here to stay, but I will try and think a bit harder before liking things in future, and I'd appreciate it if you'd do the same too.

Space Flight 704, Chapter 55: The Flight of the Ortrix

It took a while.

The Ortrix had led an interesting existence. As the time-belt it had observed the beginning and end of governments, watched the deaths of lovers and seen evil men frustrated over and over again. Empires rose and fell on its unyielding law. When used as a weapon, it more often than not backfired. When used for personal gain, it invariably led to heartbreak.

Those who used it well learned to ride it, saw some sights and left things mostly the way they were.

The time-belt did not allow time to change, but it did cause some mind-bending time loops.

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