destructive iframe test

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I haven’t tried the “destructive” version, but I’ve been playing around with this idea that an embedded frame can force your Samsung phone to factory reset without any user input.

Supposedly entering the code *2767*3855# at the phone keypad will wipe your phone. No one seems to want to say if this is an immediate and unstoppable thing, or if there’s at least some sort of warning/prompt before your phone is wipes. Naturally I’m reluctant to try such a thing because a phone-wipe just before I head to bed would not be the smartest thing I could do.

However there are other less destructive codes I could use like *#1111# which opens up the phones software version, and is pretty harmless. So I’ve built a little webpage here to test it:

Don’t worry, it won’t brick your phone. At the moment it’s effectively the following: <iframe src="tel:*%231111%23">

Here’s what I’ve found:

As I’ve said, I’m reluctant to try it with the actual code, but only because I need my phone tomorrow. If this were the weekend I’d have tried it already. Maybe someone with a recently backed up rooted phone might like to try it themselves and (hopefully) dispel this rather scary rumour as a hoax. I'm 90% confident that this is just nonsense.

Note: I’m using the latest 4.0.4 version that Samsung only just updated on Sat.

iframe below!