I may have skipped one there I think. Class was good this last week. I had a look at the example code we were given for the last hand up I did, and used it to properly break my long code into methods.

I don’t think I’ve quite reached that “click” moment that people say will come, but it was nice to finally get that a class can be handled in the same way as the less complex data types, ie you can pass a class to a method, and assign place-holder classes like you can with any int or String. So you have something like this:

private static Unit rentUnit(){
    Unit unitToRent = unit1;
    return unitToRent;

Which should be obvious, but I didn’t get it until this week. So that was my big moment, and I wasn’t sure it had sunk in, but then I began the first part of our major assignment, and knew I’d got it when I was setting up my constructors and throwing classes around like they were any old boolean

So yay for me! I’m actually finding the first part of this assignment too easy, and would have liked it a bit harder so I could properly test myself. But I’ll take it easy and learn it slowly so I get it properly. I really want to do this right the first time.