• Last class was useless, as I forgot my USB with my current work on it so I couldn't actually use the time to keep working on my assignment.

  • I got the assignment written and handed up, but I wasn't happy with it. I have the control stuff sorted (if, while), but not the OO-ness of Java.

  • The assignment code felt bulky and wrong, and I need to split it into separate classes/methods, but just cant figure it out.

  • My text still hasn't arrived and I'm using the 2002 version. It's out of date and the exercises are absolutely brimming over with wrongability

  • There is something weird about fully understanding every example you attempt to write, and knowing exactly what the lecturer is talking about, and reading all the chapters you are supposed to, and still finding that the assignment you have to submit in a week is beyond what you know you know. It feels like the assignment was stuck into the flow of the course prematurely.

That is all. If you are a Javahackercoder and you are reading this, and you can spare a bit of your time to help explain a few things to me about making decisions about which parts of my code to create objects/methods from, I'd be eternally grateful1 .

  1. Conditions apply, gratitude not guaranteed to extend for eternity ↩︎