A New Vocabulary

Online communication fraught with peril. An innocent conversation with a friend can turn nasty in seconds with the slip of misplaced word. Umpteen times this week I have put my foot in my mouth, or written something only to spend the rest of the day worrying if what I wrote might have offended someone. Written communication has never been so difficult. Why has it gotten harder, the more ways we have to communicate?

"Web Guys"vs "Real Programmers"

So I'm going back to study to do something I should have done all along. And I'm going so I can understand: "virtual methods, pointers, references, garbage collection, finalizers, pass-by-reference vs. pass-by-value, virtual C++ destructors, or the differences between C# structs and classes". And then I'm going to use that knowledge to make the best web programs I can make.

My “Batman: the Dark Knight” review in 700 characters or less

I loved the Dark Knight. It was fun, but it was also dark and difficult to watch. The film was experimental (for a comic book movie) that was a contrast to the big loud and also terrific Iron Man a couple of months ago. Image via Wikipedia And as for Heath Ledger's Joker, I present […]

Review: Taskee – Manage your website 'to-dos'

A month and a half ago I was contacted by a Martin Vrabel, who sent me this: email from Martin Vrabel of Taskee.comHi Joshua, I found out you are writing about webdesign on your blog. I though you may be interested in writing about the new URL related task management tool for web designers - […]

Nice one Scott!

I was thinking the other day that I have a wonderful way of thanking someone for excellent service. I can't find any reference to this guy on the net today, but in the future this might be one of the places that someone learns about Scott's interpersonal skills. They say that a lot of employers Google your name before they hire you. There's also a lot of negative info about people and companies that have screwed people over. I want to start adding a bit of positive info to the net.

My Love/Hate relationship with Google

1) They offer so much potential but move so damn slowly. I can see the dream of having all my data online and usable, but its just out of reach. Google seems like they're concentrating on everything BUT the things that I want them to.
2) They shroud their projects in secrecy, so I never know if I should wait or give up. I imagine that one day, Picasaweb will do what I wish it would. But it could be tomorrow, in two months time or in ten years. Till then I'll use Flickr, but only out of necessity, not out of loyalty or because I want Yahoo to have my data.

Why Fred Basset is the "Dumbest Comic Strip Ever".

Many of you already know that Fred Basset is close to, if not the dumbest comic strip of all time. I know for a fact that there are whole religions based on pondering the worthlessness that is "Fred Basset". For those that do not know, Fred Basset is a comic strip featuring a basset-hound that does ordinary dog things, and comments about them as though they are remarkably funny. They aren't.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest or "How to wow and annoy an audience all at once"

The story is sprawling. I wasn't aware going in that this is the second in what will be a trilogy, which gives the writers a lot of room to create multiple stories. And at three hours for this movie alone, they jam pack it full of stories. They go this way, they go that way, and there's sword fighting, comical chases, and Depp doing that girly running. It's all very good fun, but looking back it's all a bit much.

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