Hercules Returns: PLEASE!

I would simply like to enquire as to the possibilities of Hercules Returns, a wonderful Australian film, being released on DVD here in Australia. I have found it available on VHS in the UK, and on (presumably bootleg) DVD from eBay an other sellers, but would love to own a properly converted (and fully legal) copy of my own on DVD.

Most needed entertainment technology

Imagine turning on the radio and enjoying your favourite station. Then imagine that it gets hijacked by some irritating presenter that makes pointless small-talk for ten minutes between each song with boring callers. And not just your ordinary radio banter, but grating train-of-thought, deep-voiced "You're a bit of a pickle-head now aren't you, ho-ho?" stupidity. Wouldn't the world be a nicer place if switching the radio off in disgust would give someone somewhere immediate feedback - maybe a mild electrical shock?

Web Crazies

Look, it's hard enough to be taken seriously these days, when anyone can publish their opinions about any old crap, but to throw away what tiny amount of credibility you have for the sake of keeping a few animated GIFs is suicide.

Please, hire a designer. Take a class. Read a book. Look at other websites. Make your websites prettier... Or I won't read them any more.

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