Wiz the Wizard and Nifta the cat

Big 840×420 version of the pixelised Wiz and Nifta from Wizball, my favourite game as a kid.

A dance interlude

If they don't dance...
If they don't dance...

I got sick of futzing with tumblr's idea of what size a gif should be. I was thinking "Oh, aren't all these animated gifs cute, ayes I know: 1999 called and wants its internet back that'd be easy to do..." But then I actually tried to post one, and realised that it really only wants you to post about 3 frames about the size of a postage stamp and where's the fun in that?

So here's my sister dancing with my bub - because I was practicing, and I love my sister and my bub and decided it needed posting somewhere.

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a. yes I know: 1999 called and wants its internet back

Choke Point, starring Van Damme


This tickled my fancy. Over on First Waves I've got a post ready to go about Google Wave competitors, and one of the ones I mentioned was Sharepoint. Amusingly, the spelling suggestion for it was chokepoint...

Which apparently is a geography term, but sounds kind of ridiculous.

Well I though it was amusing anyway.

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