YouTube – The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody

This is so great I wanted to laugh and cry. I miss the Muppets so much. Whoever is responsible for their Youtube channel needs to be paid ten times what they are getting, for bringing back the spirit of the Muppets from before Jim died. The last few movies and straight-to-video offerings were quaint and fun, but nothing like what they used to be. Youtube is their new home, and is suits them well.

Bravo! Encore! More! More!

YouTube - The Muppets: Bohemian Rhapsody [1080p].

Cloth Nappies – a blokey perspective.

So while I'm girly-blogging (see my cupcake post from earlier today) I thought I'd share a bit about our use of cloth nappies. I'll try and give a blokey perspective, and as Mil says guys talking about cloth nappies are hot, I'll willingly give it a go.

Before our little one was born, Mil convinced me to give cloth a chance. Cloth nappies are reusable and softer than disposable, and over the two to three years a kid can be wearing them, can save you a lot of money.

I love the smug feeling I get from using cloth nappies ayes, I know I could be doing more for the environment!, but the biggest draw for me was just doing the math.

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a. yes, I know I could be doing more for the environment!

Laying my Heart (Music) on the Line for You People

I've never known what I'd call the type of music I enjoy. Back when I was in high school it was whatever you'd call what that Snow guy was doing (also see the Jim Carrey Spoof). About the same time I enjoyed a very embarrassing singer named Gillum who happened to be the triumvirate of terrible nineties music all in one annoying package, a white Christian rapper. I'm including the video, but please only watch if you have a strong constitution or no longer value the will to live.

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Microsoft has a sense of Humour

People here are always joking that my boss and I need to clone ourselves. Usually because computers seem to only behave when we're peeking over someone's shoulders. With the "Digital Education Revolution" (more computers per school), having a clone seems like it might be the only way to keep on top of it all.

Seems someone at Microsoft has a sense of humour about it, and sent us this clever "cloning kit" to promote their range of management tools and software licensing options. I though it very clever.

Microsoft has a sense of humour
Kinda seems a bit naughty!

Do I Keep It?

My good friend Elle has started a product review site called Do I Keep It?. The site covers an assortment of products under broad categories such as "Health and Beauty", "Pets", and "Technology and Entertainment".

The site is new, and has only been semi-officially launched, but she's working hard on it. The reviews are short and well written, and kinda cute. For example, her first review (and my favourite) is for Coles brand Bathroom Wipes, which I'm fairly certain has never been reviewed ever before - so, you know world exclusive!

I've also written a guest review for the site for PaperClip Stapleless Staplers, and Elle was kind enough to publish it. I hope to write more for the site in future. I also have to say afull disclosure here, I CAME UP WITH THE NAME HOW AWESOME AM I?!

You can also follow @doikeepit on Twitter.

Do I Keep It?

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a. full disclosure here

Matt Keen (@Talie5in)

Matt is a fellow school support officer, doing ICT at another large metropolitan high school. He's highly qualified and extremely knowledgeable, and a huge Microsoft fanboy. He's my first port of call for questions about Windows Server and Active Directory, as I know he's always on top of the latest information from Redmond.

Commander Keen also has an iPhone fetish. For months he paid me out about mine, but it turns out he really was just jealous. So now he has one of those fancy ones that does video and your taxes. They are pretty neat I guess.

He looks out for his friends and is willing to drop everything to help out a mate. He's a prolific poster on the ICT help forum and email lists we have in the department, and his answers are actually helpful aI know!. Since he joined Twitter, I've discovered he knows half the geeks in Adelaide already.

So if you want to follow someone who really knows their tech, Microsoft band now Apple, Open Source, and other geeky stuff and is super friendly and a good mate of mine — hit up @Talie5in.

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a. I know!
b. and now Apple

Network Video Aberfoyle (@networkvideohub)

As of posting, @networkvideohub hasn't tweeted. I'm hoping that will change soon!

Today's follow recommendation was a last minute ring-in. On a whim I suggested to Scott Thomas, the manager of Aberfoyle Park's Network Video, that they should start a Twitter account, and he sounded keen. I thought it'd be neat to be able to tweet movie recommendations, check whether videos are in stock and generally interact with the staff there, who are all so nice.

The staff there have taken the time to learn my name, and give me recommendations when I go in of videos that I might like, having learned the type of videos that Camilla refuses to watch. And the Scott has very good taste in movies too, which is a good thing for a movie store manager. The other week I asked about the IT Crowd, and Ryan aanother Beard Buddy! immediately hopped online and ordered it. That's service.

They haven't got a website for me to link to unfortunately balthough I did find this article proving that Scott Thomas is a local Aberfoyle hero, so their Twitter account will have to do. Follow @networkvideohub if you want to support a local Adelaide business who's trying something new. Follow them for information on the latest movie releases, movie recommendations and because the staff there are friendly and know videos.

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a. another Beard Buddy!
b. although I did find this article proving that Scott Thomas is a local Aberfoyle hero

Mo Kargas (@mokargas)

I've never met Mo. You might think I'm afraid of him because he's scary lookin' or because he's a "400ft tall doomsday megabot aweb developer" but I'm not. I just haven't had the opportunity yet. He isn't scary online though - in fact he's quite the opposite. His avatar shoots laser beams from his eyes, but I'm sure they're laser beams of joy.

I've followed Mo soon after I joined Twitter. He's one of the more active Adelaide Twitterers, despite the fact that he's unapologetically band understandably a Friendfeed fanboy. He's just as active on both services though, and happily pops in and out of both to carry on cheerful conversations with his many followers. He's helpful and talented, and an inspiration with his (rassafrassin) custom workouts. He tweeted the beginning of his plan to get fit, and has reported huge successes since, showing tremendous determination.

His ReactionDynamics site showcases his photography and 3D design work, as well as his impressive resume. It also contains a picture of Mo with his sweet Abraham Lincoln beard cBeard buddies!.

If you wanna follow someone who's well known to both Twitterers and Friendfeeders alike, who sometimes talks like a robot, has a wicked wit, and is and all-around overachiever, follow @mokargas. And on Friendfeed too, if that's your thang.

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a. web developer
b. and understandably
c. Beard buddies!

Beau Giles (@BeauGiles)

Beau is one of my few core Twitterers who I haven't actually ever met in person. But he's the epitome of what the internet means for relationships for me. Though we've never met I've known him for about a year now, and I respect his knowledge of technology, I appreciate his perspective as a high school student, and I love his enthusiasm and sense of humour on Twitter.

He was one of the first people to follow me on Twitter (out of the blue), and then a few days later emailed me for access to a locked website I administer. I'm pretty certain it was completely coincidental awas it? WAS IT? but if he hadn't added me to Twitter I would have given him access, as it was only through Twitter I knew he was a high school student and not a teacher as I would have assumed - HA!

I've followed his websites in their various incarnations over the last year. Unfortunately I've only realised in writing this that his entire site has moved AGAIN, and I need to re-subscribe to his blog. It's packed with tips and tech news and obviously updated a lot more often than I've been thinking for the last month or so!

If you want to follow someone who's full of energy and enthusiasm, is a little quirky, has a passion for geekery, and I suspect may have a little of the drama queen in him bin a totally endearing way! you can find him on Twitter @beaugiles.

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a. was it? WAS IT?
b. in a totally endearing way!

Taryn Hicks (@Tarale)

I know Taryn from her days on the state school ICT helpdesk. She was very helpful and cheerful (on the outside at least), and willing to work through stuff over the phone. Then she moved into the section that dealt with website stuff, got hopelessly frustrated and left for greener pastures, but not before drafting the guidelines that schools can use to make their websites meet govt. standards... although most schools don't acheck out for one that does.

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a. check out for one that does