I’m sorry, I swore I’d never do this

I told myself this blog would not just be made up of snippets of other people's work co-opted and written into mine. So I'm very appalled at myself for what I'm about to do - namely: stick someone's web comic into a post and call it a night.

But damn if this one isn't really funny. More than that it's a comic about a future that I feel is really possible and it scares me to death.

Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic

I've only just discovered Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (RSS), but it's hit-rate is high and I find myself laughing loudly to more than every second one.

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Hercules Returns Returns!

Yippee! My biggest Christmas present so far has been finally getting a copy of Hercules Returns on DVD. For those of you who don't know why I'm so excited, check out my previous post on Hercules Returns

A classic Australian film featuring the talent of the wonderful Des Mangan and Sally Patience (and those other three who somehow get all the credit) has finally been made available legitimately on DVD.

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Batman as you’ve never seen him.

I want to share one of my favourite things with you. Superheroes. Actually I want to share a few of my favourite things - Superheroes, old crappy movies, and animated GIFs of people doing amusing things.

Check this out:

The Dynamic Duo
Check the pointy ears

Yes, that is supposed to be Batman. Nice eh?

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Ok, I'm sitting at home, feeling pretty tired, run down and fairly unhappy. A blog I'm reading mentions iTunes, and I fire it up to listen to some cheery music. While I'm there I try for the millionth time to find a copy of "Come On a My House" a remix of a Rosemary Clooney song by Nasty Tales which I first heard on Triple J radio.

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And speaking of great movies

I saw Kung-Fu Hussle on the weekend. It was tops.

It was a lot of good fun. Don't see it expecting your life to be changed, see it to laugh. See it to watch groups of people fighting in totally improbable ways. Watch it to pick out the references to other movies. I think the eastern superhero is growing on me.

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