I’m sorry, I swore I’d never do this

I've only just discovered Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal (RSS), but it's hit-rate is high and I find myself laughing loudly to more than every second one.

It reminds me a little of The Perry Bible Fellowship (RSS), and both of them are kind of crueller, surreal-er versions of The Far Side - what you might get if Garry Larson had regularly maimed his characters or left them devastatingly emotionally scarred.

Hercules Returns Returns!

I've contacted shadowy figures at the production company that owns the rights (thanks Tim!!), found the website of the original genius, lost it again (Oh, I haven't mentioned that yet have I?), and had more comments and emails about this one topic than all the other posts I've made across two blogs and my accounts at Reddit, Newsvine and Digg combined. Frankly I'm thrilled that so many people share this passion with me and I'm delighted to tell you all that you can buy your copy online now at <a title="Hercules Returns at Atlantic DVD"

Batman as you’ve never seen him.

Batman has pointy antenna sticking out of his head. This is from the 1949 Batman and Robin movie serial, as seen on DVD. I bought it to grow my ever expanding superhero collection, and wound up watching it one saturday while Mil hogged the computer. Her selfishness bought about something good, as I was slowly drawn into the Dynamic Duo's web (sorry, mixing my super-hero allusions). See, I wasn't expecting something amazing - and I wasn't surprised that it is silly and badly done - but I've found myself addicted. I have to watch 3 episodes every Saturday to get my fix. It really is very fun. Firstly, every time I see Batman's cowl, I laugh out loud. Those ridiculous ears and that pointy nose - cracks me up. Let me share how marvellous this truly is.

Things to Share: Clever Animator and Artist – Jon Klassen

This beautiful film is the story of little one-eyed Annai, a little fellow who's on the hunt for a second eye. His journey takes him from tall mountains to the depths of the sea (look out for a tiny recorder rendition of the Imperial March - Darth Vader's theme). How Jon has managed to pour so much expression into a creature with only an eye and a mouth is wonderful to watch.

And speaking of great movies

The eastern heroes on the other hand all have the same origins. The power comes from within. Each character has a special power just like our western heroes, but it is a manifestation of their inner power and their training. So one character may have the power of the wind, or the power of a particular animal. They're just like our heroes, but with very different back-stories.

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