C=128 Journey

Here it goes About 12 months ago I listened to The C= episode of the Rubenerd podcast wherein he tried to convince himself (poorly!) not to buy a Commodore 128. I got in touch on twitter and asked if he wanted my old C=128 because although for nostalgia reasons I had held onto both my […]

Comment Bots

I've been thinking more about yesterday's post on comment systems. I started posting to my Reddit profile, then realised why stop there - I've been mucking around so much with chat apps that I've got profiles everywhere, and I thought I could try and make them useful. My two communication preferences right now are Discord […]

Software death

Over on Rubenerd aone of the last remaining bloggers, Ruben is upset about the death of his favourite feed reader, the Digg Reader. First of all, who knew Digg still had products that people wanted to use. Second, I'm sort of in the same boat myself. Having just killed my Facebook account, while simultaneously soul […]

Make Tiny Tiny RSS Look and Behave Like Google Reader

Since Google announced they were closing Google Reader down in June, people have been scrambling to find something to use in it's place. I'm not sure what the rush is, but I was caught up in it too. My replacement of choice is Tiny Tiny RSS because it's self hosted, meaning I don't have to rely on any third party for such an important task any more.

This article is not about how to set up TTRSS. That's been covered by the official Wiki and Forums. This article is about how to make TTRSS behave somewhat more like Google Reader, so you can jump right back in to reading feeds and not have to learn something new.

Let me get this straight

Why can't we all just get along?" Google has decided to throw its weight behind WebM, the new more "open" video format that competes with Apple's H.264. In a post a month or so ago, Google announced that future versions of Chrome will drop support of H.264 in favour of WebM. Of course, Microsoft wont […]

Creative Commons: What, Why and How.

Creative Commons Configurator Adds a Creative Commons license to your blog pages and feeds. Also, provides some Template Tags for use in your theme templates.George Notaras I've used this plugin here and elsewhere to add a Creative Commons licence to the items I publish. Publishing something as Creative Commons means you still retain full copyright […]

Bozo, the Clown Communications Minister

"This is probably the single greatest breach in the history of privacy." Steven Conroy on Google's (accidental) collection of unsecured (and essentially public) wifi data from people who don't know how to set a simple password on their wireless Internet connections. I once caught a clue THIS BIG! Then I let it go.By kjd. Really, […]

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