Google+ (or Google Plus if you wanna be search-engine friendly)

So I'm hanging out on Google+. I mean literally of course - the second aor third? new social network that Google has launched in the last couple of years has a "hangout" feature where you can chat with lots of friends simultaneously via video. I've never tried it, so I'm sitting here in the hopes […]

Get excited again!

Since my last post more than a year ago, a lot has happened to Google Wave. Within months of opening Wave up to everyone at the Google I/O conference, Google pulled the plug, and Wave gurgled down the drain. That left me feeling somewhat foolish, as I'd dedicated a good portion of my time to […]

Google Wave Live and Available for Everyone! Including Google Apps users!

Today at the Google I/O Conference (the same one that Google Wave was announced at last year) Lars Rasmussen gave a brief update on Google Wave. The biggest news is that Google Wave is now available for any one to sign up without an invitation. This makes it much more likely that large groups will […]

New “Wave This!” Function and Buttons

I was visiting Pamela Fox's personal website, and noticed she had a Wave This! button attached to her latest post. Interested in what it did, I clicked it and it opened a summary of that post in Wave ready to share with others! I can't find mention of the feature anywhere, and I'm not sure if it's permanent, but a specially formatted URL takes a title argument, a content argument and passes it to a special new wavethis function.

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