new beginnings

after my most recent rex havoc story arc and 50th chapter garnered exactly 2 readers, i've decided that the "return" of rex havoc shall become the "retirement" of the illustrious hero. i've put a lot of work into the story, and to receive such a lacklustre response is more than disheartening.

i was writing space flight 704 not because i wanted to, but because it was the sort of story i thought other people might like to read. that's clearly not the case. from this moment, i refuse to write what is popular and choose to concentrate on what will make me happy.

Leylanilu and Mr Ruffles

i'm going to write a story about a were-bear and a faerie princess. specifically, an erotic fiction about the love between a were-bear and his faerie princess dom. i've been plotting this out in my head for months, and i've really gotten into their relationship and i think it will make me much happier than rex havoc ever could. the only thing holding me back from putting pen to paper was the fear of what others might think.

but i'm not afraid any more! i'm no longer ashamed to admit that i want to read and write stories about bear-men and faeries having relations.

those of you who follow the rex havoc facebook and google+ pages might want to unsubscribe before i change the names. you probably don't want to be seen 'liking' bear/faerie erotica.

thank you all for your understanding.

Domains Matter

Hi there everyone! If you haven't already noticed, The Geekorium has moved domains. It used to be, but we've moved to - it's a small change but important, and I'll be posting more about why I think so in future.

So if you see anything funky, let me know so I can fix it.

In other news, I have more Rex coming, I'm just a bit too busy to get it written.

The Geekorium Turns Six!

It was six years ago on a Sleepless Night that I wrote my first blog post on what was then (maybe) not even my own domain. I didn't set up with Google Mail for about a year after that night so I might have used some hosted blogging environment, but I can remember the night, if not the software. I thought it might be therapeutic, and it did let me get a lot off my chest in those early days.

Sixth by James Callan

I spun off a "godblog" for religious posts that documented my dawning atheism, then later absorbed them back in. Since then I've done the same for a number of ventures: posts on education and more recently Google Wave. But I keep coming back here, where I can hone my CSS skills and learn about new products and technology as they come out.

The site has undergone some name changes. Once "Josh Nunn's Wee Blog" (weeblog, weblog geddit? What in space was I thinking?) then simply, now The Geekorium with its own domain, but the site has been the same site with all the same content it originally had (I'm very proud of that fact). Occasionally I clean up: there was a phase of importing crap from all over that I've since deleted, and Disqus butchered my comments database at least 3 times leaving some posts with up to six duplicates of each comment. But the essence of the site lives on, eclectic, haphazard and unfocussed aThey're probably not the best keywords for my SEO.

Recently I've found a direction I enjoy - writing the adventures of Rex Havoc the space adventurer. Some stalwart friends have followed my meandering to this point and I hope are enjoying the more structured posts. I'll still occasionally post non-sequitur posts like this though, just to keep you on your toes. Hi guys!!

So here's to The Geekorium! Six up and down years, but six years I've been happy to call this my own slice of the web. Welcome! Stay a while! Have a drink bpending HTML5 implimentation of the <drink> spec!!

Asides   [ + ]

a. They're probably not the best keywords for my SEO
b. pending HTML5 implimentation of the <drink> spec

Coming to You Live from the IPV6 Internet!

A few weeks ago I posted on G+ that I'd enabled IPv6 on my home network through Internode's experimental support. The couple of responses I got were variations of "why?" which is understandable, as it's kinda like turning on a second version of the internet where there's Google and a tumble-weed.

But now, thanks to the power of CloudFlare, The Geekorium is here now too!

Ping me bitch!

Eventually I hope to set up IPv6 "correctly" through my host, but they're waiting for CPanel to support it. I'm sure that will happen soon. In the meantime, through the magic of pixies and fairies, I'm doing it now!

So if you're on IPv6, come by! We're open 24/7.

Happy Birthday to YOUUUUUUUU

Birthday PARTY
Huff and Puff and Blow the Pig Down

Tonight is my five year anniversary of this Blog. It started out as Josh Nunn's Wee Blog on, and tonight - in honour of my achievement and due to my name-change earlier this year, I've migrated to this new domain aPlease update your feeds!!

The Geekorium is now officially at

The last five years have seen a lot of changes here. I no longer write much about religion any more, I've started doing some videos posts and I've made numerous cosmetic changes over the time band there might be some glitches while I sort out the latest ones.

I've had a kid, I've started a new job, and bought a house.

I wonder where I'll be in another five. Hope you stick around!

Asides   [ + ]

a. Please update your feeds!
b. and there might be some glitches while I sort out the latest ones

Site changes and an apology

Just a quick note to say sorry for the unstable feed. I changed it to point elsewhere and back again, so it gathered multiple entries quickly a few days in a row. I'll stop doing that now!

I footnotes