Totally manly.


So anyway, I made cupcakes today. To be fair I live with two girls, so I did it for them1. Monnie is running a Cup Cake Camp soon, and being the chef of the family felt like I would probably end up being the one to make cupcakes for it, so I thought I had better practice.

Then Elle showed off her baking skills, and Twitter is talking about it non-stop, so being the sheep I am2 I jumped on the bandwagon.

And I gotta say, if you make your cupcakes right, they are awesome. None of this lemon icing crap, or straight vanillaboringpants flavour. I made mine with 70% cocoa chocolate cherry ripes, 70% cocoa chocolate ganash icing, and glace cherries on top…

Cherry-ripe Cupcakes

Cherry-ripe Cupcakes

So I don’t care if it’s not totally manly. They were totally tasty, and I’m totally in Mil’s good books for making them.

And if you’re nice to me I’ll make them again (or something similar) for Cup Cake Camp Adelaide!

  1. I DID! ↩︎

  2. twheep? ↩︎