1. The bus is always late.

    Bus(by CloCkWeRX)

    Bus (by CloCkWeRX)

  2. Unless you need to connect with one. Then it will be on time.

    Waiting for the Bus to da BEACH(by Joe\_Focus)

    Waiting for the Bus to da BEACH (by Joe_Focus)

  3. Your bus will sometimes just not show up. The next bus will be late (see rule 1).

    Hill Street Bus Stop(by mmandamon)

    Hill Street Bus Stop (by mmandamon)

  4. How late the bus will be is directly proportional to how desperate you are to be on time.

    Where’s the bus!(by nycangel78)

    Where’s the bus! (by nycangel78)

  5. The size of the bus is inversely proportional to the number of people who catch the bus. As the seating capacity reaches zero, passenger numbers approach infinity.

    Adelaide revisited(by lovebuzz)

    Adelaide revisited (by lovebuzz)

  6. You will never find a combination of bus schedules that will get you to work on time.

    Photo\_111205\_001.jpg(by slark)

    Photo_111205_001.jpg (by slark)

    If you do, check rule 1.