This site was always just a place to practice my website building skills and publish something to attach to my name if anyone came looking for me. As I didn’t have a burning need driving me to write (other than my first post), I’ve struggled sometimes to find anything to write about.

That probably won’t change — I’m not a writer deep in my soul — but I’m hoping that as I begin my TAFE course I might find stuff to post more frequently. I’m going to study programming (beginning with JAVA), and I’m expecting to write about some of the things I’m learning. So let this be a warning to you if you visit here regularly (yes my three loyal readers, I’m talking to you), I may be posting programming stuff, including code bits, and expanding on what I’m learning as I go, so if you don’t get programming, or are a super-coder you may want to skim over my posts (or even better, correct me when I’m wrong).

Just a heads up.