If they ever got out of this, he’d owe this guy one.

He’d sat there in his holding cell, wishing he hadn’t already used The Professor’s hidden grenade launcher, wondering how he was going to make his escape.

There had been a quiet knock on the door, so out of place in this dark dungeon of terror, he’d been completely taken by surprise.

“Come in,” he’d said lightly as though he wasn’t tied - naked - to a cold metal chair stained with his own blood.

The man before him wasn’t tall or well built, but he exuded power that made it difficult for Rex not to just think of him as “massive”. He moved swiftly to release Rex and handed him his clothes and weapons.

“Come with me,” he’d said before Rex could speak, and moved out into the corridor.

Rex winced as he pulled on his shirt and struggled into his pants. He was grateful for both, but even more so for his Corral Specials.

Rex bounded out the door and found he had to run to catch up with his new ally, despite the stranger looking like he was out for a casual stroll.

“Who are you?” Rex asked, but as he did so, six Plenitech guards rounded the far corner and immediately began shouting and drawing their weapons.

Rex reached for his guns, but the stranger put a hand over his own and gave a slight smirk.

An explosion shook the compound and flame, concrete and dust engulfed the hapless goons.

“What’s your name friend?” asked Rex, impressed.

“Jones,” said Jones with a smile, as he led the way through the hole in the wall.

This guy is good, thought Rex.1

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