Jones and Havoc skidded to a stop behind the jeep. Backing up against the vehicle, Jones peered around the edge and squeezed the detonator.

The aircraft hanger exploded, showering the pair with fuselage and debris. Uncovering his head, Rex peered over the top of the jeep and had to duck down again as another explosion rocked the airfield. Rex giggled and looked at his chum.

“Let’s go.”

Drawing their weapons the duo emerged from cover either side of the jeep and strode purposefully toward the ruined hangar.

Guards were pouring from the buildings nearby to survey the carnage and were caught unaware as Rex and Jones opened fire. The few remaining guards had found cover and were trying to determine where to fire through the smoke. Rex reached the hatch of the small planetary defence craft on the other side and was urging Jones to move faster.

As Rex took aim at a guard who had spotted them, Jones stooped quickly and scooped something from the ground without missing a step. Watching Rex carefully, he slipped the object into his pocket.

With a sigh, Rex’s consciousness delved into Jones' pocket, already knowing what he would find. It was a small crystal, imprinted with a holographic map. Watching himself stepping up into the cockpit of the defence craft he wondered how he had been so oblivious.

As Jones joined Rex’s past self in the ship he took one last shot at a guard. Like he’d done with the other guards earlier, Rex slowed the bolt before impact and eased the unconscious guard to the ground as the bolt passed harmlessly overhead.

The mission had been engineered for Jones to get the crystal map and the airport belonged to a rich but benign old man, not Dr Phelchoff as he’d been told at the time.

“Jones, your depravity astounds me,” he thought to himself.