He was infuriating and insufferable.

She hated to admit, he had his charms and a certain dangerous allure, but most of the time he also held an air of entitlement that made her feel like an accessory. And the way he called her nothing but “Princess” all the time, like he hadn’t bothered to learn her name? Ugh.

She had not been remotely interested in him, but overnight he seemed to have developed some… manners.

He’d left for his Sheebat game three days earlier and neither she nor The Professor had heard from him until he turned up back at base (a lot further than three days travel from where he’d been) like nothing had happened.

She’d been about to make a flippant remark about calling them when he was going to stay out late, when he’d surprised her with a bear-hug.

“What’s this for?” she’d asked mid-hug, trying to decide how to return it.

“Just missed you is all,” he’d replied - she was shocked to realise - sincerely.


She was dumbfounded. She suggested to The Professor in private that he run some scans on this man who was clearly an impostor. He laughed and informed her the base already did that to everyone on entry, and this was definately Rex Havoc.

She wasn’t convinced though, so that night over dinner she told him about growing up on Khenna, and instead of loudly changing the subject, he listened.

She knew then something was up, and she was damn sure going to get to the bottom of it.