While the voice explained, Rex began forming his arms.

“So this Torimbalo is some sort of artefact?” he asked as the voice finished. “Something that imbues power through what? Touch?”

It is not a physical object, any more than you are now. The power is normally given by another that wields it, but now the power has been taken forcefully.

“Jones found a way to steal something that has no physical form?” Rex was impressed despite himself.

In a manner of speaking. Because of the nature of the power some of it was given to you at the moment you left the physical realm.

“When I was vaporised you mean? So Jones is not dead either? What does that mean? You said I have powers, does Jones have powers too? How do I stop him using them?”

Rex’s arms and hands had dissipated with the avalanche of worry that filled his mind.

Do not be concerned, the voice comforted, we have much time.