Rex took the hint.

He’d stopped worrying about time and let the other teach him about his powers.

Rex was getting the hang of intergalactic travel. Now with just a description of the place from his companion, he was able to reach out with his mind and find it. Then it was a simple matter to pull himself through into the real world at just the right place.

Of course he was very careful not to let his mind wander anywhere near that constant drip-drip of power that came from Jones.

He also refused to unmake anything and he couldn’t tell if this made his mentor pleased or disappointed. Whenever he reached out to an object to understand it, he learned it to it’s core and knew he could unmake it, but in that instant knew he never could.

It all felt like stretches and warm-ups though. The things he used his power for didn’t seem to have much purpose beyond practice and he wondered what the end game was meant to be. He did notice a common thread though. Everything he did increased his awareness of the universe, how things fit together.

He was feeling pretty smart.