Rex Havoc punched the bear in the face.

After what seemed like an eternity in “training”, it felt good to be out and in the thick of the action again. Just like old times.

As he rounded the bend, a cyber-wolf bared its teeth and Rex calmed his mind, reached down and summoned his power. Directing it downwards as he sprinted forward, he unleashed an almighty kick that sent the wolf spinning side-over-side into the bushes beside the mountain.

Of course, being living creatures Rex couldn’t actually bring himself to harm the bear or wolf. As he lashed out at them he was actually holding back, easing their troubled captured minds and reversing the bio-engineering the island-dictator had subjected them to. Then in the guise of violence, he was gently moving them out of the way.

Watching through his monitors, Doctor Van de Nippal would see Rex wading through his animal forces and never suspect his true powers. Plus Rex was having fun.

Rex backhanded the hawk that swooped at his head.