Rex smiled devilishly.

The crackling orange energy surrounded him. He let it wash over him, drank it in and understood it. He reached back down to its source and found a machine made more by accident than by design. He located the small component coil devistatingly misaligned and righted it. Around him the swirling energy became harmless static.

He laughed.

Van De Nippal wailed. He stumbled back to the control panel and stabbed at the doomsday button again and again. He trembled as the giant he had trapped and contained reached toward the unbreakable glass that sealed him in. The glass dissolved at his touch like sugar under water.

The Doctor screamed with frustration and drew his blaster, but the un-man was on top of him and suddenly… he couldn’t think why he cared. It all seemed so beneath him now. He lamented the years he had spent building this island base, when he could have been advancing his fellow man.

The energy from his ray could power the whole planet for months at a time. Why, the solution to the over-population and wastefulness of civilisation was within his own hands the whole time. He had created the answer to the very problem that had led him down this destructive path in the first place!

What a fool he’d been! What irony! And what good luck this Havoc chap had come along when he had, or he could have made a jolly silly mistake.

Rex watched as the Doctor started reconfiguring his weapon and walked away with a grin.