He was fearsome.

Rex Havoc called to the stars. He summoned the energy of heavenly bodies.

The power of life, of darkness, of cold and heat filled him, strengthened him and threatened to overwhelm him.

He was floating, flying, becoming everything.

The Jones-thing screamed and held tighter. Anger and fear channeled Rex’s strength and he lashed out, forcing the creature to retreat.

The Uber-Rex advanced, sure in himself and powered by the universe’s endless abundant will to be. Jones faltered, hesitated and shrunk back further and Rex pushed his mind deep into Jones' being and unleashed all the fury of a universe threatened.

The Jones-thing laughed. And then it renewed its onslaught, stronger than before. Flashing claws ripped at Rex and tore away the threads that bound him to the universe like they were mere cobwebs.

Rex’s mind almost gave way. He’d thrown the combined power of the universe at Jones and his nemisis had shrugged it off.

Rex fled.